Tips for surviving a long haul flight.

Hello beautiful people, First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to my first post of 2018. So, about a month ago I flew from Melbourne back home to Nairobi for a much needed break from the shit show that was 2017. It's no secret that Australia is very far away and so it takes … Continue reading Tips for surviving a long haul flight.


Victoria Diaries #2 – Sherbrooke/ Dandenong Ranges

Hello beautiful people, At the beginning of the month, a few friends and I decided to go on a little adventure and be 'at one with nature', for lack of better phrase. Discovering new places is always fun, especially when you live somewhere like Victoria where you can drive 30 minutes in whichever direction and … Continue reading Victoria Diaries #2 – Sherbrooke/ Dandenong Ranges

Victoria Diaries #1 – Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula.

Hello beautiful people, I had taken a little bit of a hiatus to try and figure out what specific direction I wanted my blog to go in. And after over two months of contemplating and weighing my options (and being kinda lazy) i've come to the conclusion that my life is not interesting enough at … Continue reading Victoria Diaries #1 – Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula.

Update: I Moved To Melbourne!

Hello beautiful people, I MOVED TO MELBOURNE! Well, kind of, temporarily at least. Basically I'm going to Monash University in Melbourne for the next 3 years. I've been here for almost a month now and have yet to post something about the big move; it's been a bit of a mad rush, I must admit, … Continue reading Update: I Moved To Melbourne!

Lake Magadi Adventures, Sept 2016

When your alarm goes off at 5:15AM and you open your eyes to darkness and 10 degree weather, you better hope that whatever you're waking up for is worth it! Luckily for me, Thursday 7th September was definitely worth the early morning. The girls and I packed up the van with our cool box full … Continue reading Lake Magadi Adventures, Sept 2016

Vipingo – March 2016

Hello beautiful people, This will be a short one from me. Just wanted to share with all of you some pictures from last weeks trip to Vipingo, Kilifi. I have also put MY FIRST EVER YouTube video below so please check it out, like and subscribe if you enjoy it and I might start making … Continue reading Vipingo – March 2016