It's my 24th birthday babbeeeeyyy! Celebrating a birthday amidst a global pandemic is obviously not ideal but we move, regardless. I do posts like this on every birthday so I can have something to look back on when i'm old and grey to remind myself of the year that was. I also do it as [...]


Alright, let's talk about periods, homies ✌🏾 I'm writing this post on menstrual hygiene day (literally didn't know this was a thing until today but it is SO necessary). The older I get, the more irritated I become at people finding the topic of periods 'gross' or 'taboo' and it's about time that changed. This [...]


"Smile when your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking" Charlie Chaplin. This time last year, I was walking in to my first class at university. This year has so far been filled with a lot of very difficult times for both myself and my family. There has been heartbreak, it's been the year [...]