Summer Journal #4-GOING TO HOLLAND

Travelling to the Netherlands


Summer Journal #2-GRADUATION & PROM

Hello beautiful people, GRADUATION- Well well I finally made it … I graduated from high school! A tent on the field of the Hillcrest Secondary school field was the venue for the 2014 graduation ceremony. Set with a stage, beautiful lighting, balloons and of course our very own banner reading ‘Hillcrest class of 2014’. All…… Continue reading Summer Journal #2-GRADUATION & PROM


Hello beautiful people, This weekend was something else, definitely what I hope my whole summer will be like. Where do I even begin.. FRIDAY NIGHT: Me, along with basically my whole year group headed into the depths of windy, cold Karen for a Mexican themed house party hosted by one of our friends. So we…… Continue reading Summer Journal#1- TEQUILA, SOMBREROS & GLOW STICKS