Reflecting on 2018…

Hello beautiful people,  With 3 weeks left of the year (how CRAZY is that?), the time has come for me to reflect on the year that has been. When 2018 started, I had a completely different view of how the year would go. In my head, I was heading back to Melbourne for university in [...]


Not all that glitters is gold.

Yes yes I have been silent for many months but you can blame that on the 9-5 working life I am currently living at my internship. I started this blog almost 5 years ago as a way to document the things happening in my life and to use it as a diary of sorts. Since [...]

Let’s talk periods! #nottaboo

Alright, let's talk about periods, homies ✌🏾 I'm writing this post on menstrual hygiene day (literally didn't know this was a thing until today but it is SO necessary). The older I get, the more irritated I become at people finding the topic of periods 'gross' or 'taboo' and it's about time that changed. This [...]

My first year in Melbourne.

"Smile when your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking" Charlie Chaplin. This time last year, I was walking in to my first class at university. This year has so far been filled with a lot of very difficult times for both myself and my family. There has been heartbreak, it's been the year [...]

Victoria Diaries #2 – Sherbrooke/ Dandenong Ranges

Hello beautiful people, At the beginning of the month, a few friends and I decided to go on a little adventure and be 'at one with nature', for lack of better phrase. Discovering new places is always fun, especially when you live somewhere like Victoria where you can drive 30 minutes in whichever direction and [...]