Lake Magadi Adventures, Sept 2016

When your alarm goes off at 5:15AM and you open your eyes to darkness and 10 degree weather, you better hope that whatever you’re waking up for is worth it! Luckily for me, Thursday 7th September was definitely worth the early morning. The girls and I packed up the van with our cool box full…… Continue reading Lake Magadi Adventures, Sept 2016

Summer Journal #2-GRADUATION & PROM

Hello beautiful people, GRADUATION- Well well I finally made it … I graduated from high school! A tent on the field of the Hillcrest Secondary school field was the venue for the 2014 graduation ceremony. Set with a stage, beautiful lighting, balloons and of course our very own banner reading ‘Hillcrest class of 2014’. All…… Continue reading Summer Journal #2-GRADUATION & PROM