My top 5 Kenyan blogs.

Being (kind of, not really) new to the blogging game, I spend a lot of my free time reading other peoples content and trying to improve my own. A blog is a beautiful way to put your thoughts down, share life lessons & experiences and share your art with the world. I love finding new [...]


Lake Magadi Adventures, Sept 2016

When your alarm goes off at 5:15AM and you open your eyes to darkness and 10 degree weather, you better hope that whatever you're waking up for is worth it! Luckily for me, Thursday 7th September was definitely worth the early morning. The girls and I packed up the van with our cool box full [...]


Hello beautiful people, A few days ago my friend and I headed into town to go to an east African cultural exhibition at the KICC (Kenyan International conference centre). After looking around at the incredible art and fashion that was on display, we were quickly drawn to the idea of going to the top of [...]


Hello beautiful people, This weekend was something else, definitely what I hope my whole summer will be like. Where do I even begin.. FRIDAY NIGHT: Me, along with basically my whole year group headed into the depths of windy, cold Karen for a Mexican themed house party hosted by one of our friends. So we [...]