We made it to 2019 everyone, hallelujah! I don’t know about you but for me, Christmas is for family and New Years is for fucking shit up with friends. And ummm, suffice to say, we did just that. Having spent the last 3 New Years Eves in Nairobi, we were all just so over it and planned a trip down to the coast to bring in the new year. Now, if you know anything about my friends and I, you know that nothing can ever be simple and nothing ever goes as planned.

We left Naiorbi at 5am on the 29th of December and the journey took roughly double the time as we were in a van with a speed governor (Kenyan law states that any public service vehicle or tour van cannot go over the speed of 85 kp/h – as a bid to try and avoid accidents due to over speeding. It has not worked thus far). Although it was the longest journey known to man, you can’t really complain when you get to see such beautiful landscapes the entire way. Kenya is stunning and we are so beyond blessed.

We finally arrived in Diani at around 4:30pm and after some food, a quick dip in the ocean and a beach photoshoot (of course), we were ready to call it a day. That is until our plans were dramatically derailed by our friends who had arrived a day earlier, had ample time to rest and recover and were ready for a night out. We ended up going out all night, getting excessively drunk and getting to bed at 5am – meaning we had been up for a whole 24 hours (don’t do this at home, kids). Surprisingly, we were not as hungover as one would assume the next day (#wethankgod).

The last day of 2018 was spent around friends and family at our New Years Eve BBQ. All was well until Nadia decided to forget how to walk and ended up dislocating her knee on the beach at sunset. Very poetic if you ask me. After the drama of trying to massage her knee and wrapping it up, we decided to head to Diani Beach Festival with our limping bestie. Ummmm – 100% not worth 2,500/-. The words “I’m bored” should never be uttered on New Years Eve but I can assure you, that’s all we were saying all night. The actual countdown and fireworks display, however, was spent on the beach with Nadia’s family and that was hands down the most beautiful part of the night.

Then comes the 1st of January 2019. When I say there was way this could have been a more dramatic start to the year, I really mean it. But for the sake of not wasting everyones time with a 5 page essay, i’ll give you the sparknotes version. We woke up, Nadia’s knee was double it’s normal size, she was carried into the car and we took her to hospital, we wheeled her around in a wheelchair, she had an allergic reaction to her medication which caused her to have a panic attack and nearly faint due to the loss of energy in her whole body, she had an x-ray which revealed that her knee cap was indeed not in the right place AT ALL, they put a brace on her and gave her a crutch and we went home to eat pizza and veg out. So……yup. That’s how we spent the first day of 2019.

Tysm Dinai Hospital for the great lighting.

Diani will always have a very special place in my heart and always a place I leave with incredible memories. Also a place I leave having had at least one visit to the hospital but hey, it’s all for the mems, right? Either way, that was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for all of us (considering how it started, I am definitely scared for my life).

Sending you lots of good vibes,



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