Alright, let’s talk about periods, homies ✌🏾

I’m writing this post on menstrual hygiene day (literally didn’t know this was a thing until today but it is SO necessary). The older I get, the more irritated I become at people finding the topic of periods ‘gross’ or ‘taboo’ and it’s about time that changed. This is a blog post that both women and men should read.

Periods are weird man. Sometimes your period is late and you freak out, sometimes it’s early and you freak out over that. Sometimes you have a leak and it stains your favourite underwear and you’re HELLA PISSED about it, sometimes you have cramps that are so bad you physically cannot lift yourself from your bed. Tbh it’s just an all round anxiety party. Having said that, however, periods also reassure you that your body is functioning normally and that you’re not pregnant that month which (for some) is a sigh of relief.


In high school, I remember a guy opening the front pocket of my backpack to find a pad in there and going “YUCK”. Hands up if A BOY has ever made you feel somewhat ashamed about your period? *every girl on the planet proceeds to raise their hand*. I’d like to think that the older guys get, the less stupid they become and the less they feel the need to call periods ‘disgusting’. Ladies, if you’re ever dating a guy who replies with “ew” or “gross, let’s not talk about that” when the topic of periods comes up, please, for the love of God, GET RID. That boy is not worth your time.

In some cultures and religions, when a woman is on her period, she is seen as being ‘unclean’. I’m not really one to ever speak on religion or culture as I’d never want to offend or disrespect anyone and their beliefs. However, I find the sentiment that a female is seen as ‘unclean’ when she’s on her period highly offensive. It creates a feeling of shame around the topic of periods in girls from a young age over something that is a normal bodily function, same as peeing or pooping. In a world where there are already so many things that make us doubt the fact that we’re literal fucking goddesses (which we 100% are), feeling shame around periods is just one more and that’s quite sad. You have no control over whether or not you have your period, it’s just something that’s going to happen and you have to get over it & start to embrace it (sooner rather than later plz, ladies).

Finding the right thing for you (in terms of what products to use on your period) is a trial and error type situation. You’ve got to try them all to find out what fits you/suits your lifestyle and your body best. For example, I use tampons during the day but prefer to sleep in pads. Took me a few years to find what brands of pads and tampons I liked and which ones fit my body right. Take your time, try them all and eventually you’ll find the right fit.


Periods are not gross and actually, the fact that girls can bleed for 4-9 days (sometimes coupled with excruciating pain) without dying makes us fucking S U P E R H U M A N. The next time you get your period and all you wanna do is complain about it, maybe take a second to be thankful that your body is working the way it’s supposed to because some women aren’t so lucky. The next time you feel uncomfortable or shy about buying pads and tampons from the shop, remember that some girls don’t have the money for necessities like that and have to miss several days of school because it’s their time of the month. Count your blessings, babe.

(Oh, and the next time a boy insinuates that having a period is gross, punch him in the throat).

Keep the conversation going, it’s about damn time we kill the taboo surrounding the topic of periods.

Sending lots of good vibes,




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