Last weekend my sister and I headed to Dusit Hotel, Nairobi to check out The Shuk – an Israeli food and wine festival. The event was put together by Baraka Israel (Baraka Israel), a company that brings Israeli products to Kenya.

Set up on the Dusit rouge deck were stalls with different Israeli delicacies and wines. Halva, flafel, hummus, tahini, chardonnay, moscato, merlot – you name it, they had it. Who doesn’t love wine and food? That’s genuinely my idea of heaven to be honest. Amongst the food and wine was an Ethiopian Airlines stall promoting travel between Kenya and Israel as well as the Elewana Collection who were there giving info about their various lodges in Kenya and Tanzania.

We hit the food stalls first to line our stomachs & avoid getting too drunk (it failed) and obviously ate everything in sight. I knew Israeli food was good but DAMN was I a happy camper after stuffing my face (in a classy manner, of course). Our absolute favourite were the falafels. Holy hell those balls of happiness really hit the spot, I tell ya.

After the food came the even more fun part, the wine tasting! The event featured 20 different wines from Galil Mountain Winery (Galil Winery), Teperberg winery (Teperberg Wines), Golan heights winery (Golan Wines) and Recanati winery (Recanati Wines). My personal favourites were the Galil rose and the Teperberg moscato 😍

Altogether a very well put together event, the Shuk turned what would have been an average rainy Sunday into a fabulous one. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Defo going to need to marry in to an Israeli family so I can get all that yummy food on a regular basis (please feel free to put in your applications now, boys). Not only did I ingest copious amounts of food and wine, I also learned some fun facts about Israel. For example, did you know that Israel produces 95% of it’s own food even though over half of the land is desert and that they are a major exporter of fresh produce? no? neither did I until last Sunday. I think a trip to Israel is definitely on my mind now more than ever…

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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