At the beginning of the month, a few friends and I decided to go on a little adventure and be ‘at one with nature’, for lack of better phrase. Discovering new places is always fun, especially when you live somewhere like Victoria where you can drive 30 minutes in whichever direction and be hit with the most stunning scenery.

We headed to the greater Dandenong area to have a little stroll around the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke – roughly 35 minutes drive from Clayton/Mount Waverley where we all live which was nice and quiet (until we arrived) on the Sunday morning. Perfect for people who like to aimlessly walk around and be alone with your thoughts or for groups of friends to go on a mini hike!

After going on our little impromptu hike and (obviously) taking loads of pictures, we headed about 15 minutes down the road to the most incredible spot where we got a beautiful view of pretty much the whole of Melbourne. The view from up there is incredibly breathtaking and it made me appreciate the fact that I live here. What’s that thing people say about being high up and feeling very small and insignificant when you see how vast your surroundings are? yeah, I felt that. It would definitely be a great place to go at night as I’m sure the city lights would be stunning – that’s one for next time.

19622388_10155584536009455_998729493_n (1)

I’m currently writing this whilst sitting in a rather boring psychology lecture wishing I could be out there instead of in here 😦 Aaaaanyway, the moral of the story is – get the fuck out of your house and go explore things whenever you can! Life is too short to sit around wasting time with boredom.

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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