Being (kind of, not really) new to the blogging game, I spend a lot of my free time reading other peoples content and trying to improve my own. A blog is a beautiful way to put your thoughts down, share life lessons & experiences and share your art with the world. I love finding new blogs to read and because of that, I thought i’d come on here and promote some of my favourite fellow Kenyan bloggers, most of which i’m lucky enough to know personally!


You probably guessed it due to us having the same surname but in case you didn’t, this blog belongs to my beautiful sister and is definitely one I go back to again and again for inspiration and motivation. Frame ambition encompasses all things fashion, modelling, solo travel and more about Julie’s life. Julie definitely writes from the heart and reading this blog makes me miss her a little bit less because I feel like I’m talking directly to her when I read it. Check out her blog and go along on the adventures of a twenty something architect/blogger/model/traveller/beloved sister (she’s very versatile), I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Kaihora merch!

Cartier may not be Kenyan by blood but having grown up and spent many years living there, she is definitely an honorary Kenyan. Kaihora is the ultimate travel blog. With tips on how to travel cheap, where to stay, what to visit and places to eat as well as stories about what it’s like to have lived in multiple countries, this blog has it all! For anyone dreaming of a little getaway but is having trouble actually getting started with the planning process, this is a good place to start. With weekly posts and beautfiul merchandise available, it’s clear that this is a lifestyle brand that you want to be a part of!


  • The Lyra Aoko Edit by Yvonne Aoko Were.

    This is the only blogger on my list that I don’t know personally but from what I’ve seen/read, I know there’s a lot I could learn from her (Imma hit you up when I get home, girl!). The Lyra Aoko edit features some of the most beautiful photos i’ve ever seen as well as stories from trips and adventures around Kenya. This blog definitely ignites the wanderlust inside me and makes me more homesick than ever. With a mix of photography, lifestyle and travel all wrapped up in one beautifully presented platform, Lyra is an incredibly versatile blogger and photographer who’s content deserves a viewed!


If you love all things adventure and fashion, this is the blog for you! Hali writes all about her fashion inspiration & looks (and her fashion sense is fucking incredible), her exploration of cool places, cute coffee shops and settling in to a new country – something I can identify with. With eloquently written (regular) posts, Hali brings us in to her world and takes us on her journey as she tries to navigate her way around Nairobi, New York City all while exploring exciting fashion trends.


Last but by no means least, we have my best friends incredible food and travel blog. Maisha tamu is a Swahili phrase which, directly translated, means the sweet life. If you’re obsessed with food as much as me and my group of friends are, head over to this foodie’s blog and check out the best places to eat in different parts of the world. Reading this blog leaves me salivating and makes me want to get off my ass and go explore. What more would you want in a blog?


And there you go! The list of my current favourite Kenyan bloggers is up and I’d love it if you’d head over to their websites and show them some love (tell them I sent you!).

**All the photos I used in this post have been taken from the bloggers’ respective websites/social media platforms and belong to them.

Sending you all lots of good vibes,



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