I’M 21! 

It’s been a few days since my 21st birthday and I thought I’d reflect on the year that has just passed and talk about the things I’m grateful for & those that I’m maybe not so grateful for. These are some of the things that happened & what I learned this year:

1.) I moved to Australia by myself to go to university, leaving my family and friends behind.

2.) I learned that being broke is really just the fucking worst.

3.) I learned the true meaning  of being lonely and learned how to be comfortable in my own company (this one is a work in progress, I’m still working on it).

4.) I started my first ‘adult’ relationship.

5.) I learned that making new friends at university is actually much harder than I thought it would be. I also learned that some friends are not meant to be in your life forever. Relationships change and that’s completely ok.

I’m so grateful to have lived another year, some people are not lucky enough to see their 21st birthday. My goal for the next year is to learn to not complain as much because although I do struggle and I do have hard times, my life is pretty damn fantastic (most of the time) and that should be enough to put a smile on my face everyday.

Ok enough deep and meaningful stuff now, let me tell you what went down on my 21st birthday! It was the bomb.com to say the least…

So my birthday was on a Thursday so unfortunately I had lectures to attend in the morning (literally did a psychology practice exam at 8:30AM ON MY BIRTHDAY). The blow of the practice exam was quickly softened after heading to lunch at Piatella (Glen Waverley) with one of my friends & dinner IN AN OLD TRAIN with my boyfriend. There was an art exhibition on at the train restaurant as well which is so my scene so it was a perfect end to a perfect day (Easey’s – 3/48 Easey St).

I decided to do my birthday drinks the next day as a way to bring in the weekend, so my friends and I headed to Glamp Bar (2/267 Little Collins St). I picked this bar because they sell my favourite Kenyan beer and like, not gunna lie, drinking that beer made my whole damn night because it made me feel like I was back home. After a few drinks, it was time to head over to The Deck (508 Flinders St) to dance the night away and that’s exactly what we did! I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of person who goes out with the intention of dancing so hard that I lose a few pounds, I think that was achieved.

Piatella – 4/5

Easey’s – 4/5

Glamp Bar – 3/5

The Deck – 4/5

And there we have it! Thank you to all the people who celebrated with me and let me be EXTRA AF because that’s what you do on your birthday.

Sending you lots of good vibes,



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