I had taken a little bit of a hiatus to try and figure out what specific direction I wanted my blog to go in. And after over two months of contemplating and weighing my options (and being kinda lazy) i’ve come to the conclusion that my life is not interesting enough at the moment for me to make this a solid travel blog where I can share my adventures with all of you. So what I am going to do is stay exactly the same and put a mish-mash of whatever the hell I want up here! Enjoy 🙂

In saying that, I’m starting a new series on my blog called ‘Victoria Diaries’. When you’re at university, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all work and no play so this is part of my cunning plan to force myself to explore and do cool shit in my new home so I can write about it and share it with all of you.

About two weeks ago my favourite tour guide/adventure buddy Sean and I headed off to the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy a little mid week spa day. After a stunning drive and a quick fish & chips stop, we finally arrived at Victoria’s little peace of heaven. The Peninsula Hot Springs are made up of multiple natural hot springs, some reaching up to 43° C and each with their own therapeutic benefits. The whole place just gives off a general chilled and super relaxed vibe. My personal favourite was the hill-top pool where you have a 360° view of the breathtaking surroundings while you relax and unwind. There is a rather authentic looking Turkish steam bath and sauna, as well as cold plunge pools for the crazies (like Sean) who want to shock their bodies and possibly contract hypothermia in the process. I definitely did not partake in the plunge pools-the cold is not for me.


  • Take 2 towels with you – one to dry yourself/cover yourself while you walk between pools and one for when you’ve finished and need to dry off before putting your clothes back on.
  • If one pool is crowded, just walk right over to another one (there are about 20 to choose from), relax for a little bit and come back a little later.
  • Go early enough. Once you’re in, you can stay until the pools close at 9:45pm so take advantage of that and head there early!
  • Go with someone fun! The hot springs could easily be enjoyed by yourself but it’s always fun to experience these things with someone else.

All in all I give the Peninsula Hot Springs a 10/10 and would highly recommend a visit there to anyone who wants a little break from the city. What a great way to chill out and unwind!

Sending you all good vibes,



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