Beauty has no race, no skin tone and no definition. 

Hello beautiful people,

Ive been thinking about/trying to write this blog post for about 6 months now but have been having trouble trying to put my thoughts in writing. So after finally being able to put my thoughts in to writing, I decided that it would be the perfect first blog post of 2017.

“You’re pretty for a black girl”

“He’s hot for an Indian guy”

“She’s alright for a white girl”

The number of times I’ve heard these phrases is alarming to say the least and I felt that it was time to speak about it.

Society’s constant need to put everyone in a box both amazes and confuses me. “You’re pretty for …”. Why can’t I just be pretty,fullstop? What is it that makes us think beauty has limitations and boundaries. Just because you look different to someone else does not mean you’re more or less beautiful than them. I personally would not want to raise my children in a society that believes the darker you are, the less beautiful you automatically are. That’s bullshit. However, I’m also not going to sit here and be neive and pretend that it only refers to race, there are obviously other factors that affect peoples perception of beauty i.e weight and nationality.

In my opinion, we all need to broaden our thinking and realise that the idea of beauty and how it is perceived is completely subjective. What I find beautiful, other people might not and vice versa. There is no one image that sets the international standard for beauty and we should stop acting as if there is. Different is good, diversity is good, our differences are what make us beautiful, interesting and unique. So stop using the phrase “for a…” because if you find someone beautiful, it should be just that and not because you think they’re beautiful in a certain bracket.

So that’s all. Just a friendly reminder that beauty has no definition and cannot be put in a box. If you agree, talk about it and if you don’t, you’re entitled to your own opinion (your opinion is wrong though, just saying :p)

That being said, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2017 is filled with happiness and success for all of you.

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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