I hope you all had an absolutely amazing new years eve and that the first few days of 2016 have treated you well. The few days running up to New Years Eve were….rather interesting (to say the least) for me and I feel like it’s a great story to tell so here we go.

Monday 28th December:

So my sister and I had this whole plan to go down to the coast for this annual NYE party on the beach, bought our (EXPENSIVE) tickets and everything. Our parents knew this and told us that the whole family would be going and that they would sort out accommodation and everything for us. You will later come to find that this was A LIE.

Tuesday 29th December:

This was the day we were supposed to get our asses in the car and drive down to the coast so that we would have 2 days to rest before heading to an all night beach party on the 31st. This is also the day that my dad’s car decided to break down so badly that it had to be taken to the garage so we could not leave Nairobi on this day. NOTE: T-2 days until NYE and we still had no place to stay at the coast and no way of getting there.

Wednesday 30th December:

My dad kindly asked his driver to drive us down to the coast because his car would not be ready anytime soon so my sister and I get our asses in the car and left Nairobi for Diani with haste and excitement! My parents bailed on us and stayed in Nairobi (lame). We had no idea where we were staying in Diani until about 2:30pm that day when we were already on the fucking way there.

When we finally hit Mombasa town at 3pm, the struggle continued. We sat in traffic for about 2 and a half hours in 30 degree weather to get onto the ferry to take us to the other side of the island. Once we finally arrived at our apartment it was time for me to pop some asprin and have a nap because the plan was to go out later that night.

After said nap, we woke up and had showers/got dressed then headed out to have dinner at a nearby restaurant with our friends. Then it was time to hit the cluuuuub. The night was going so well, seeing people I hadn’t seen in years and dancing so much that my thigh muscles began to resemble those of Serena Williams’. About 2 hours into us being at 40 thieves, shit hit the fan. I stepped on a broken bottle and cut my foot which lead to me bleeding all over the dancefloor and making a trail with my blood as I hopped and hobbled my way outside. I was then taken to hospital at 2:30am because we figured that if there was this much blood something must be wrong. The doctors said I needed 3 or 4 stitches and I immediately started crying like a little bitch. They stitched my foot up, gave me some antibiotics and pain killers and we were on our way back to the club.

Thursday 31st December:

NEW YEARS EVE BITCHEEES! Sounds exciting right? Yeah no it was not exciting that morning when I tried to get out of bed but could not put my foot down because it was too painful. So back to the hospital it was, for them to sort out my medical insurance, change my dressing and give me some damn crutches so I could move around. After chilling for a few hours we headed to my friends house for a BBQ and then to get ready for the party. Off to the all night beach party we went and what a night it was!

So there it is guys. The story of how I struggled to get to the coast for New Years and then once I got there how I struggled even more. Yes, I went to a New years eve party on the beach with crutches and a bandage/stitches on my foot. But you know what, I’m alive and it could have been a lot worse. As I said earlier this is a great story to tell and a rather hilarious way to usher in the new year really! Do any of you have funny NYE stories? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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