August Favourites.

Hello beautiful people,

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a favourites blog post and that’s partly because I haven’t felt like anything was worth posting and partly because I’m just lazy as fuck. BUT here we are and I have a favourites blog post for you guys. Here we go…

1.) The National Youth Theatre Of Kenya:


For those of you who read my post about the company, you understand how much this means to me.Yes, this happened in July but because I did not post a favourites last month, I’ve pushed it to this month. It was an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be part of the production. To find out more about my experience, go check my post about it!

2.) Black Opal foundation:


I’ve recently switched from using the Suzy Beauty liquid foundation to this one simply because I needed something that was going to control my oil. People with oily skin will understand the struggle of having to blot your face 100 times a day! This Black Opal foundation is oil free so It does control my shine a little bit better, although I do still have to blot during the day. This product soaks into the skin leaving a beautiful matte finish. I bought this for 1,200/=.

3.) White crochet shoes:

Probably the first time I have ever added an article of clothing featured as part of my list of monthly favourites. These shoes are my new obsession, I rarely wear anything else- I wear them to the shops, to the club- basically everywhere I go. On my last day in Amsterdam, I decided to go on a little bit of an impromptu shopping trip and stumbled on these in the store ‘Newyorker’, they were on sale and they just had to come home with me. These shoes were €7.


4.) Sinful Colours Nail polish (300: easy going):

This is probably the only nail polish I’ve worn all month to be honest. It chips, I take it off and put the same colour right back on. Yes, I’m a creature of habit. It stays on for a pretty decent amount of time if you have a top coat on over it. I saw this in passing while I was buying make up brushes in HEMA while I was in Holland and I just thought it was a stunning colour and it was only €2 so I grabbed that shit and I was on my way!


5.) H&M sunglasses:


So my eyes have this annoying issue with adjusting to light which means I have to wear photo chromatic glasses a lot of the time. The problem with these glasses is that when I go outside into natural light and it’s sunny (Which it usually is, #Africa), my glasses go dark and I just find it rather ratchet so I opt to wear sunglasses instead. This has lead to me having a rather unhealthy obsession with purchasing sunglasses. These are my current favourites and they go absolutely everywhere with me. The frame is what attracted me and made me buy them. These were €7.


This should really have been at the top of my list of favourites this month seeing as I make it a point to go multiple times a week (yes, I may be becoming an alcoholic). Cocktails at half price, YES PLEASE! Cocktails at Art Caffe (One of Nairobi’s most famous restaurants) are usually around 650/= ksh and I’m sorry but that seems extremely overpriced for a fruity alcoholic drink so when they have them at half price from 4pm-7pm, my friends and I take advantage of that. At this point we should be getting free cocktails for being such loyal customers.artcaffe-village-market

7.) PianoNest:

PianoNest is a youtube channel that has piano backing tracks of songs, (with different keys as well) to accommodate different ranges. I love to sing and I love to do covers of songs but I don’t have a keyboard or a piano at home to play for myself so I had kind of given up on that for a little bit until I found this! It’s the perfect place for people who like to sing but don’t play instruments to find accompaniment.

Blog Favourites:

  • This is my sisters fashion blog and It’s bloody brilliant. I learn a lot about writing, what kind of content to post and how to market your blog from her and I think some of you would benefit from reading this amazing blog aswell!
  • One of my best friends, Samantha, Started this blog about a year ago to write reviews of restaurants and food-one of her many passions. It has recently, however, also turned into a place for her to write her feelings about certain things happening in Kenya- things that need to be said but everyone else is too afraid to say them. I give her props for that!

Go over to these blogs. Read them, give them love and tell them I sent you 😉

Music Favourites:

  • Wings (Acoustic) – Birdy
  • Not Letting go- Tinnie Tempah Ft. Jess Glynne
  • Yesterday (Beatles cover) – Evynne Hollens Ft. REL
  • Lengoma – Zahara
  • Awinja– Sauti Sol

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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