Miel Ei Koth turns 1 today and I am so exceited. I was just sitting on my bed planning on having a lazy day when I got a notification from WordPress saying that it was one year ago today that my blog was born and I suddenly felt a sense of pride and an overwhelming feeling of happiness wash over me.

I started my blog a year ago because my sister is a blogger and it just looked like fun. It soon became much more than just something I did because my sister did it. It became a place for me to experiment with my photography and my writing skills, a place for me to vent when something was bothering me and a place for me to share exciting things that happened in my life. This blog has become like my personal diary, except it’s read by lots of strangers as well as myself. But hey, we’re all friends here so I don’t mind 😉

Over the past year countless things have changed in my life. Be it my outlook on certain things, my personality, the way I handle certain situations or even my sense of style. One thing that has not changed is my love of writing & Photography. I have had probably the hardest and longest year of my life (for a number of reasons) and I can honestly say that this blog has helped. There’s just something about writing down the way you feel that makes things that much easier to deal with, you know? I love to write, I love to share and I want to keep doing it through this blog.

So anyway I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to the people who read my posts, people who have followed my blog and people, like my sister (http://www.frameambition.com/), who encouraged me to keep writing even when I felt like it was time to give up. This is only the beginning and I hope that more and more people stumble upon my blog and love the things I have written. I value and appreciate anyone’s feedback on my writing and my photos…it helps me stay sharp and keep improving. Hey, who knows maybe one day my blog will be such a big deal that I’ll be having full on parties for it’s anniversary. But for now, I’ll just be at home having a beer to celebrate a great first year of Miel Ei Koth! Baby steps 😉

Here are some of my favourite pictures and memories from the past year:


Keep being beautiful & dancing in the rain. Here’s to the next year, let’s see where it takes us!

sending you lots of good vibes,



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