Hello beautiful people,

I GOT A TATTOO! And I fucking love it. I thought I would bring you along on my journey and maybe give some tips to those of you who are thinking of getting a tattoo.

So after hunting for the right tattoo place for us, Inez and I stumbled upon this little shop in the red light district and we were sold. After researching and actively stalking all the tattoo artists on social media to make sure they were really good, we decided that this would be the place we would be getting our first tattoos. We made an appointment for the 3rd of June and that was that.

I have always wanted a tattoo (actually multiple tattoos) but it wasn’t till a year or so ago that I really decided what I wanted my first tattoo to be. My tattoo is the words ‘Omnia Causa Fiunt’ which, in Latin, means ‘everything happens for a reason’. The reason I picked this is that it’s always something I have believed in and try to remember when things don’t go as planned. I now have it permanently written on my arm for me to look at any time I start getting stressed and losing hope that there is, in fact, a reason and a plan in place.


Now before walking into the tattoo shop I was already shitting myself so when we actually entered the shop I was pretty much ready to run away and cry. But because I was with Inez and the tattoo artist was really nice and comforting, they made me feel way better and made me calm down. When I actually sat down and put my arm out for him to start the tattoo I became less nervous and had more of an excited feeling.

In terms of pain, I honestly thought it was going to be 10 times worse than it actually was. I did scream at one point though, let me not act like I’m all macho. The outline of the letters was not painful but the shading was very painful. It feels like multiple bee stings. BUT when you’re getting your tattoo and you’re sitting in the chair screaming, remember that pain is only temporary and that when it’s all over, you’re going to have a beautiful piece of art on your body. Another thing that made it a much nicer and less terrifying experience for me was that the tattoo artist and Inez were talking to me the whole time and it took my mind off the fact that I had a needle jabbing into my arm.

Okay now for more information about where I actually got it. I got my tattoo at Port of Call custom tattoos In Amsterdam (I will leave their information below) and I highly HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who lives in Amsterdam or wants to get a tattoo in Amsterdam. The staff are all so nice, very helpful and incredibly professional and they are not unreasonably priced which is always a plus! Shoutout to Tomi who was my insanely talented tattoo artist πŸ™‚

I loved my first tattoo experience and I will definitely be getting more tattoos in the future! I have had my tattoo for 2 and a half weeks now and I love it more and more everyday.

2 weeks after it was done πŸ™‚


Port of Call custom tattoos:

Warmoesstraat 137A, Red light district


Tel: +31 (0) 20 233 53 56


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