Gap Year Diaries #8- Last Week In Amsterdam

Hello beautiful people,

So sorry for this post being a week late, I was just being lazy to be very honest with you. BUT I’M BACK πŸ˜€

Monday & Saturday were not worth writing about so I skipped them out.

Tuesday 4th June:

We had to go to get Inez’s phone fixed because she decided that it needed to go for a swim in the toilet when she was in her drunken state. #struggler. And then we headed to the red light district (Which is where the tattoo shop we decided on is) to make an appointment for the next day when we would be getting out tattoos. The panic definitely started to set in right after we left the tattoo shop. The weather got pretty gloomy and icky after that so we decided to go home and watch a movie.

Wednesday 3th June:

Maroon 5

WHAT A DAY. We started off trying to get ourselves to Hoofddoorp because we wanted to go to primark (can you believe that there’s no primark in Amsterdam?). I went on a train for the first time! it was a very exciting moment haha. We then headed to Amsterdam to make our tattoo appointments (there’s a whole other blog post about my experience, check it out :)). We were late because the train took longer than we had anticipated so Inez and I ran from central station with out large primark bags in hand, determined to make the appointment. And we did indeed! As if the day was not exciting enough, we headed back home to get ready for our first ever concert, MAROON5, which was my birthday gift from Inez and my sister. And it was fucking amazing! It’s almost as if the performance made me want to take my music more seriously.

Thursday 4th June:

We decided that since it was my last week, it was the perfect time to do some more touristy things! So we headed to the Royal palace in dam square (Koninklijk Paleis) and it is by far one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. The architecture is just something else and It’s also a great way to learn more about the history of Amsterdam as it is a guided tour of the Palace. In the evening we went to the ‘taste of amsterdam’ food festival. I had never been to a food festival so it was really fun and the food was just fucking amazing!

The palace from outside
The palace from inside

Friday 5th June:Β 

After spending most of the day with my new Italian friend, Gian, I headed back to CitizenM to pick Inez up after her shift so we could go out. My last night out in Amsterdam. We did the usual: Bar near the hotel then off to explore Leidseplein which, as per usual, was so much fun! Great way to spend my last night out in Amsterdam.

Sunday 7th June:

I had bought a 72 hour travel pass which allowed me to travel around Amsterdam as many times as I wanted without having to pay for my tram/bus rides for 3 days and this was the last day of my trip so I decided to take advantage of this and take rides up and down Amsterdam while waiting for Inez to finish her shift. And of course, a little bit of shopping was involved πŸ˜‰ Later in the day we had a picnic in the Vondelpark and headed to watch a movie (we watched spy and it’s bloody hilarious).

This ends my amazing trip in the Netherlands. Honestly, I can see myself one day living in Amsterdam or even any other city in Holland. It is such a beautiful country and I always meet the most amazing people when I go there. I’m sad that my trip is over but I am very happy and grateful that I got the opportunity to return to Holland! Now back home to try and get my British visa so I can actually go to university in September!

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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