Gap Year Diaries #7- Amsterdam Week 3

Hello Hello,

Aaaaand here is week 3!

I’m going to go ahead and skip Monday because to be honest there just isn’t anything to write.

Tuesday 26th May:

Half of my day was spent sleeping to be honest. Later that day I ventured off in to Amsterdam to pick Inez up from the hotel and we headed out to meet a friend of ours, Jozefien, who I had not seen for about a year which was brilliant! We had some dinner and decided to go watch a movie (The avengers: Age of Ultron in 3D). After the movie (which is amazing, by the way) we decided to be a little bit adventurous and go out on a Tuesday night. It was not the right choice. Pretty boring and most of the bars on Leidseplein were closed on that day so we called it a night pretty early.

Drinks with Jozie

Wednesday 27th May:

This was Inez’s first day off in 5 days and so we thought we should really take it easy and have a chilled day. Watching TV and generally having a nice chilled day was all that was on the agenda before we headed off to the gym. We sat by the pool for a while as the weather was actually beautiful that day.

Thursday 28th May:

After leaving the house pretty late, we decided to head over to the Beatrixpark as it’s near CitizenM (where Inez works). Although it was a little bit windy and cold, it was a beautiful place to have a quick lunch before heading back to the hotel for Inez to start her shift. After consuming an alarmingly large number of free coffee’s (Thanks CitizenM), I sat at the computers and caught up on some blog posts as I was in the right head space for that at the time.

20150528_135727 20150528_140629

Friday 29th May:

The weather was absolutely disgusting on this day, making me miss Kenya so much. Wind, rain and grey skies – so much for spring 😦 Inez had to work in the afternoon and I opted to stay home because I could not bear walking around Amsterdam in that wind. I did, however, manage to go to the gym for an hour and a half despite the shit weather. #DEDICATION!

Saturday 30th May:

I headed in to Amsterdam a little bit late in the day (around 8pm) because Inez and I wanted to head to Leidseplein after her shift. It was an amazing night until Inez decided to drink Tequila like it was water and got extremely drunk, forcing us to take a taxi home (bear in mind I did not know where we were or how to direct the taxi to her house). Somehow, we managed and got home in one piece. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures or videos of Inez being so drunk that she threw up in her purse. She’s a classy classy lady folks! Kids, don’t drink.

P.S sorry for the exposure Inez, it was too hilarious not to be shared.

giphy (1)

Sunday 31st May:

After waking up and nursing our hangovers, Inez, her family and I went for lunch and a beautiful walk in the woods. These are things I never get to do when I’m in Kenya so I really took advantage of it. Despite the drizzles, it was still just such a beautiful sight. On the way home we stopped on the side of the road for me to take a picture of a windmill. These are just things you must do when you’re a tourist in Holland!


Well there you go. I have one week left in the Netherlands and I’m sure it will be the best week yet!

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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