So I don’t know about you but I have always struggled to get my skincare routine just right. Trying to get the right skincare routine and find the right products for you and your skin type is a process that requires lots of patience and trial & error. Although If you have acne prone skin like I do, skincare is the most important part of your routine.

Well here we go then!

1.) Cleanser:


The first thing that I do when I wake up, after scrolling through my Instagram and replying to Whatsapps of course, is cleanse my face. I have very oily skin so I tend to wake up with enough oil to fry an egg on my face and I have to get that shit off. I have recently been using the Himalaya Herbals Gentle refreshing face washThis face wash is definitely gentle (good to know it’s not false advertising) and leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean and not greasy. The key ingredients in this product are Honey and Citron, both great for people who suffer from acne like myself.

2.) Toning & Moisturising:


I then move on to Toning and moisturising. As a toner I have been using the Simple kind to skin soothing facial tonerI bought this because one of the ingredients is Witch Hazel which is great for healing acne. I also bought it because Simple cosmetics are great for people (like me) who do not like using products with tonnes of chemicals in them.


As a moisturiser I have been using the Oriflame optimals even out day cream. I use this because it has SPF 20 in it so I do not have to apply a sunscreen separately, and it is for dark spot reduction. I have a lot of dark spots on my face as a result of my acne (Acne scarring,yay so fun). This cream keeps my skin moisturised all day long without making me over shine which is always an added bonus.

Now onto the make up:

1.) CC cream:


I use CC cream because it evens out my skin tone so that I have a clear canvas to work on before I apply my foundation. I find that BB cream is too oily for my skin. I have been using and loving the GOSH CC cream illuminating foundation (in the colour 08 Chestnut).

2.) Foundation:

I use foundation to cover up the dark spots and to even out the skin tone on my face. I use it all over my face and neck (Girls, don’t forget to blend that foundation into your skin. We don’t want you to walk around with obvious foundation lines! #ratchet). I use a flat brush to blend the foundation in but I am not a huge fan of the flat brush, I much prefer using a round brush. Unfortunately I don’t own one at the moment. I have been using the Suzy beauty liquid foundation (In the colour SB70). Suzy beauty is a Kenyan make up brand and I highly recommend it to anyone!

3.) Powder:


The next thing I do is powder my face to set my foundation and make sure it stays put all day. I use the Suzy beauty Compact Powder (In the shade SB60). This stuff gets the job done. I apply it with my big fluffy (incredibly soft) kabooki brush which is now one of my obsessions.

4.) Eyeliner and Macara:


The last part of my daily morning routine is applying my eyeliner and mascara. I use the Rimmel gel eyeliner. I find that a gel liner easier to apply than liquid and it stays on for longer which is always a plus. For mascara I have been using the Benfit they’re real! mascara. This has a plastic applicator (Which I prefer) and makes my tiny TINY lashes actually look normal sized.

Let me know about your skincare/make up routines and any products you recommend for oily skin!

Sending you lots of good vibes,




  1. This is perfect timing! I have just decided that my current fase wash is useless, it’s cleared some of my spots and given me great complexion, but caused loads of blackheads, eurgh. So I’m goign to give this facewash a go, do you know where I can buy it? I’m based in the UK, thank you πŸ™‚ x

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment & the follow πŸ™‚ I’m sorry I have no idea where you can get it in the UK but if you can get your hands on it, it’d definitely worth it! xx

      1. I had a nosey online and ordered some last night but thank you :). With any luck I’ll be doing a post about my clear glowing skin soon haha x

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