Summer Journal #6-LOVELAND FESTIVAL 2014

Loveland Festival 2014


Hello my lovelies,

Two Saturdays ago (9th August) my friend Inez and I set off on an adventure to the outskirts of Amsterdam and headed to the loveland festival. An annual event that I’ve heard nothing but great things about, and boy did it live up to expectations!



This was definitely the biggest event I’ve ever been to and the most people I’ve ever seen in the same place! 6 stages, all showcasing some of Holland’s best DJ’s as well as 2 amazing ‘Islands’ (which we had to cross a bridge to get to-That’s how big the event was). The islands cleverly names ‘relaxation island’ and ‘art island’. Events at both the islands were very fitting of their names-relaxation island had sofa’s and bean bags for those who wanted to take a break from all the dancing as well as complimentary massages in a tipi by the water. Art island had a huge wooden sign reading LOVELAND that people could come and paint on and sign their names (picture below) and had a whole selection of stalls with people selling beautiful flower headbands and jewellery.


6 stages, 13 hours of dancing, over 3000 people and all in all an amazing atmosphere. Loveland 2014 was definitely one for the books and an event that I will never forget! I count myself extremely blessed and privileged to be able to go to such events and experience things like this, some people aren’t so lucky. I attended Loveland with one of my best friends and met some very amazing people there. I will definitely be attending more festivals in the near future.



Sending you lots of good vibes,



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