Summer Journal #4-GOING TO HOLLAND

Travelling to the Netherlands


Hello beautiful people,

3 days ago I set off on a journey to the Netherlands for a 3 week adventure with my friend Inez and it was the longest journey of my life. From Nairobi to Dubai (5 hours) then a 3 hour layover followed by a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam (7 hours). Never have I ever been so tired or glad to be on the ground as I was when we finally landed in Amsterdam.


This summer is the only time in my life when I have nothing to study for and it’s probably the last time in my life that I will have this little responsibility. The same goes for anyone who just graduated high school this year! So I feel like this is the perfect time to do whatever it is that you want without even a hint of hesitation or regret. Go out, make new friends, bond with old ones, do the unthinkable, kiss a boy (or 3) and just do whatever it is that your heart desires because this is the beginning of the next chapter of your life..make the best of every situation.

My little getaway to Holland will last 3 weeks and I’ll be sure to keep all of you beautiful people posted as I go along!

Sending you lots of good vibes,



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