Summer Journal #2-GRADUATION & PROM

Hello beautiful people,


Well well I finally made it … I graduated from high school! A tent on the field of the Hillcrest Secondary school field was the venue for the 2014 graduation ceremony. Set with a stage, beautiful lighting, balloons and of course our very own banner reading ‘Hillcrest class of 2014’. All dressed to impress in our graduation gowns and hats, we made our way in a procession down to the tent where our parents were eagerly waiting with their phones and cameras ready to capture the very special moment. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with laughter and of course some tears, this truly marks the end of an era. High school is now officially over and it’s time to start the new chapter in our lives. So to everyone that graduated this year, congratulations and I wish you nothing but the best of luck β™₯





What a night. Girls dolled up, boys all dressed up in their suits and all of us looking nothing but spectacular. Prom. The one night where it’s acceptable to get drunk and party with all your teachers and yes, of course we did just that! The hotel was decorated beautifully and the food was sublime. Definitely worth the 6,000 shillings the ticket cost! The drinks were flowing, the music was great and the dancing never stopped … definitely a night to remember!


So there you go.That pretty much sums up the last few days of my high school life. What a way to end an era. Now it’s time to jump into the real world.

Sending you lots of good vibes,




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