Welcome to my blog!

Hello beautiful people,

My name is Debra Olum and I’m a 18 year old Kenyan girl with a deep love of music & travel.

Okay well here we go..let me give you all a little background information about myself.

I was born and raised in Kenya, absolutely the most beautiful place ever to have grown up. I just finished my last year of high school (A levels) and I am now waiting to join university to study psychology. I’m trying to fill up my last summer of ‘living at home’ with the most exciting and interesting things I can think of and 2 weeks in, I feel like I’m doing pretty well!

Why did I start a blog you ask? Well first of all I have always loved to write. I find it rather therapeutic actually. I felt like now that I’m done with high school, this would be the perfect time and the perfect way to document my 20’s and beyond.

Follow, comment & I hope you keep reading 😀

Sending you lots of good vibes.





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